Characterization of Pyrolyzed Oil from Disposable Low-Density Polyethylene Sachet Water Nylon Waste Utilizing Calcium Hydroxide Waste [Ca(OH)2] Catalyst


  • Abdullahi Isah
  • Umar F. Zaki
  • Abdulrahman Umar
  • Aliyu H. Isah
  • Abubakar Ahmad


Calcium hydroxide,, Pyrolysis, Pyrolyzed oil,, Polyethylene, sachet water nylon


The sachet water nylon (popularly known as pure water nylon) waste was
pyrolyzed using batch reactor at a temperature of 500°C and atmospheric
pressure. The sachet water nylon waste pyrolized oil percentage yield
obtained was 63% without application of the catalyst while the pyrolyzed oil
obtained utilizing Ca(OH)2 catalyst was found to be 80% and the pyrolyzed
carbon black (PCB) was found to be 0% while the remaining % was mainly
pyrolyzed gas. The calorific value of waste nylon pyrolyzed oils was found to
be 41.7-42.1MJ/Kg while the density and viscosity were 0.79-0.82 g\cm3 and
2.9-3.2Cst respectively. The results obtained from the Gas Chromatography
Mass Spectrometer (GC-MS) revealed total of 100 compounds pyrolyzed
oils from both catalyzed and uncatalyzed pyrolysis process. More so, many
compounds found to be common in both catalyzed and uncatalyzed
pyrolyzed oils