Effect of fermentation process on nutritional composition of condiments from seeds of P. Biglobosa, G. max and H. sabdariffa


  • Shahidah A. Ahmed
  • Sadiya Sambo
  • Hauwa Hussain
  • Fatima I. Jumare
  • Salau I. Alhaji


Daddawa,, Fermentation,, Proximate analysis, Locust beans, Soya beans, Roselle seeds.


Huge amount of foreign reserve is spent annually on the import of food flavours into Nigeria despite the fact that traditional condiments also suitably play the same role as imported food flavours. In this study, the proximate and mineral composition of local condiment ‘Daddawa’ produced by the fermentation of the seeds of locust beans (Parkia biglobosa), soya beans (Glycine max) and roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa) was determined by the AOAC methods. The lipid values for the three seeds range from 8.10±0.07 to 10.30±0.03% with H. Sabdariffa having the highest value. The crude protein value was 11.70±0.19% for P. biglobosa, 10.70±0.32% for H. Sabdariffa and 9.50±0.25 % for G. max. P. biglobosa had the highest value for carbohydrate (by difference) which was 70.50±0.35% when compared to the least value of 61.10±0.2 for H. sabdariffa. Potassium was the highest mineral with a value of 3923.3±0.38% for P. biglobosa, 3433.3±0.40 for H. Sabdariffa and 2666.6±0.30% for G. max. Calcium and magnesium were low in all the seeds with least value for calcium observed in H. sabdariffa (0.4±0.01%) while G. max had least value of 0.1±0.09% for magnesium. Although, potassium was the highest mineral, the value increased in the fermented seeds to a range of 5566.6±0.30 to 9433.3±0.35% and H. sabdariffa had the highest value of with a value of 9433.3±0.35% and the least value of 5566.6±0.30 for P. biglobosa. Glycine max had the highest value of 933.3±0.33% for sodium while P. biglobosa had the least value of 60.8±0.30%. Magnesium was the lowest mineral even after the fermentation of the seeds with a range of 0.3±0.03 to 0.8±0.01%. Uncontrolled fermentation of the three seeds increased some proximate composition of the condiments.




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