Validation of the Malaysian Chinese-version of the EORTC QLQ-CR29 among Colorectal cancer patients in Malaysia


  • Bello A. Magaji
  • Foong M. Moy 1Julius Centre University of Malaya, Department of Social & Preventive Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya, 50603, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • April C. Roslani
  • Chee W. Law4
  • Ismail Sagap


EORTC QLQ-CR29, Malaysian-Chinese;, Colorectal cancer, Validation.


Patient reported outcome research are becoming a very important way of understanding patient’s satisfaction and tolerance with the treatment they receive. This study examined the validity and reliability of the Malaysian Chinese version of the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) colorectal cancer-specific quality of life questionnaire (QLQ-CR29). Patients were recruited at the outpatient clinics of the University of Malaya and Universiti Kebangsaan Medical Centre, Malaysia. The QLQ-CR29 and Karnofsky Performance Scales (KPS) were used. Multi-traits scaling analysis such as Cronbach’s alpha, inter-class correlation (ICC) and known-groups comparisons (Wilcoxon-rank sum test) were performed. Significant level was pre-set at ≤ 0.05. Patients mean age (standard deviation, SD) was 64 (10) years, and 60% were male. Colon cancer was 50%. While 60% had advanced stage (Dukes’ C/D) cancers and about 30% of patients had a stoma. The mean KPS was 80% (SD 10). The internal consistency coefficient (ICC) was 0.89, 0.84, 0.46, and 0.73 for body image, urinary frequency, blood & mucus in stool and stool frequency scales respectively. The correlation coefficients for convergent validity were moderate to large (r ranged from 0.72 to 0.93) across all scales. For the discriminant validity measurements, small to moderate correlations were observed across the scales. The psychometric properties of the Malaysian Chinese version of the QLQ-CR29 were comparable to the original English version. This work provides a translated, culturally adapted, reliable and valid measure of HRQOL for use among Malaysian Chinese patients with colorectal cance




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Bello A. Magaji, Foong M. Moy, April C. Roslani, Chee W. Law4, & Ismail Sagap. (2023). Validation of the Malaysian Chinese-version of the EORTC QLQ-CR29 among Colorectal cancer patients in Malaysia. CaJoST, 5(1), 75–80. Retrieved from